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Tattoo artist's JC Sheitan robotic steampunk tattoo inking arm-machine is better than a real hand

JC Sheitan  wanted to be a tattoo artist but lost his drawing arm what would he do? "Get a prosthetic arm that's better than flesh and bone".

He teamed up with artist Gonzal on a steampunk-inspired limb that integrates an inking needle, a pressure gauge and piping. It's a makeshift combo of a regular prosthetic, a sewing machine and a turntable, but it's reasonably light and easy to use -- so much so that you might prefer JC's mechanically-assisted output over that of a good conventional artist.

JC Sheitan Tenet, Facebook

As JC explains, this prototype isn't something he could use every day at a tattoo parlor. Just cleaning it is a "very long and meticulous" process, he says. With that in mind, he and Gonzal are planning a second prototype that would be much more practical. Is this a niche device that won't be useful for most amputees? You bet. However, it's further proof that artificial limbs can have their advantages in the right circumstances.

Watch first attempt with The world first tattooing prosthetic Arm! :

French artist JL Gonzal made this for Tattoo artist JC Sheitan Tenet using an existing prosthesis on which he added the metal bits and built the tattoo machine so that it can be set as needed by the tattoo artist.
Better video soon to come.
Second prothesis soon to come too.

Source: JC Sheitan Tenet (Facebook), Jc Sheitan Tenet (YouTube)

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