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VLC for Android can now play videos from your local network

VLC for Android just became much, much more useful if you like full control over how and where you play your videos. The newly released VLC 2.0 rolls in a few big features that you may well have missed, most notably network browsing. Yes, you can find that elusive movie on your home media server. The upgrade also brings a pop-up video window that's helpful for tablet owners eager to multitask.


Other big improvements? The Android TV version has a fresh interface (and has merged with the regular mobile app). You can create video playlists, and it doesn't need as many permissions to play nicely with your device. All told, VLC has matured enough that it's worth considering if your existing Android media app just isn't cutting it.

VLC on Android 2.0.0
2.0 introduces a large number of features, notably network disk browsing (Windows shares, UPnP, NFS, FTP, SFTP...), favorite folders and URLs, video playlists, popup video, new permissions support, subtitles download, rewritten notifications and control, and a rewritten history.
The Android TV and Android versions were merged, so that every device can optionally get the updated Android TV interface.
Finally, it should be faster to decode and playback all video types.

source : VideoLAN (Twitter), GooglePlay,

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