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WATCH: Weathercaster draws guffaws over ‘penis-shaped’ cloud

An unusual cloud formation shaped like a penis did not escape the notice of a weather reporter while on TV, and provoked unabashed giggles from the news anchors.

According to Metro and the Daily Star,  weatherman Sam Wallace was doing the weather forecast on a TV channel in New Zealand when he sighted the goofy-shaped cloud.

Wallace asked viewers to guess the shape of the cloud, leaving the show’s anchors hysterically laughing. “A waterspout yesterday. Quite an amazing thing pushing over the top of the country. When you take a step back, is there anything else you see in this picture?”
The anchors spluttered into laughter upon seeing the phallic cloud formation: “It’s as subtle as a sledgehammer!”
“There is a lot of detail,” Wallace noted.

The phallic cloud was said to be a waterspout, a funnel-shaped portion of a cloud over the ocean or a body of water tresembling a solid column of water reaching upward to the cloud from which it hangs. Gianna Francesca Catolico

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