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Hidden Tricks to Attracts Pokemon to a Trainer's Location

Incense is an item in Pokemon GO that attracts Pokemon to a trainer's location, regardless of where they are.
Many players will use incense to play Pokemon Go while sitting at home, work, or some other place where they can't exactly walk around to look for Pokemon

According to Pokemon Go's coding ( discovered by Redditor__isitin__), Incense will spawn one Pokemon every five minutes if the player is not moving around.

However, the spawn rate will increase to once a minutes if the player travels at least 200 meters between spawns.

If so, to maximize Incense's effectiveness, a player needs to be moving at a speed about 7.5 miles per hour!..

It's possible to catch up to 30 Pokemon while Incense is still working.

Noted Players will only get a few Incense for free while leveling up,so do not waste them by using them while sitting down LOL..

-Pokemon GO is finding even more ways to encourage player to get moving outside.

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