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Block Malicious Website with OpenDNS

OpenDNS is a company and service which extends the Domain Name System by adding features such as phishing protection and optional content filtering to traditional recursive DNS services

Web Filtering
OpenDNS Umbrella lets you manage the Internet experience on and off your network with acceptable use or compliance policies, putting you in control.

By just pointing DNS to OpenDNS, security is simple to deploy. By enforcing security in the cloud, Umbrella is easy to manage. No hardware to install. No software to maintain. Nothing you need to update!

Normally we  use Public DNS like Google DNS or but if you want more secured use the OpenDNS recommended for offices or computer shop.


There are two ways to set OpenDNS  

Setup a OPEN DNS via  built LAN or WiFi of your Laptop or PC
1. Go to Control Panel Network and Internet , look for Change adapter settings
2. Right click your  WiFi/ LAN connection click "Properties"
3. Find the TCP/IPv4 then click again the Properties
4. Click Use the following DNS input  the OpenDNS then click OK  save and your all set

Setup your Router Enter your router Basic settings
1.Network Setup 
2.WAN Interface Setting
3.Find DNS Server Setup
4.Used the Open DNS

For advance pay a visit to OpenDNS and sign up for their free home-user account. Plug in your email, choose a strong password, and then make sure to check your email to confirm your identity and activate the account.

Once you’ve confirmed your account you’ll need to add your home IP to a network. OpenDNS supports multiple networks but all we’re concerned with is making sure that your home network is recognized by OpenDNS.

Click Add a network in your OpenDNS Dashboard, confirm that the IP it suggests you use is the IP address of your home internet connection. Name the connection Home (or the name of whatever network you’re planning on logging the URLs for).

When you’re done if it doesn’t automatically kick you over to the Settings submenu of the dashboard click on the tab to navigate there on your own. There you’ll find the new network you made, listed by the label you gave it and your IP address.

From there you can set your security from custom to high or none.

You can enable logs and stats  too.

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