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Dexmo exoskeleton glove lets you physically touch and feel in VR

This mechanical exoskeleton glove tracks 11 degrees of freedom of motion and offers variable force feedback for each finger. To put it simply, you'll be able to realistically squeeze a rubber duck in the VR world. Better yet, this seemingly clunky glove claim to be lightweight and also runs wirelessly "for a relatively long time."

Dexta Robotics, the Chinese startup behind Dexmo, has spent the last two years coming up with over 20 prototypes before getting to the current version. Unfortunately for us mere mortals, it'll be a while before we can get our hands on this device. 

CEO Aler Gu told Engadget that he's only made a batch of Dexmo and is currently seeking keen software developers plus VR/MR (mixed reality) market leaders who can take full advantage of his gear, before he eventually takes it to market -- be it for gaming, education, medical or training.

Little else is known about the Dexmo at the moment -- no date nor price just yet. However, with Valve now opening up the HTC Vive's trackers to third-party peripherals, we can already imagine how much more awesome VR will be courtesy of these futuristic gloves.

Source: Dexta Robotics

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