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The new Apple Watch performance and feature improvements

The next-gen Apple Watch, looks a lot like the old one, complete with the same two screen sizes and support for the same wristbands. The screen is brighter, sure, and the watch is also now offered in a durable white ceramic that doesn't look quite like the aluminum and stainless steel versions that came before it. 

Apple retooled the built-in speaker so that it ejects water after a swim workout, because there was no way of including a speaker that could somehow keep water from seeping in. That happens automatically when you end a swimming workout in the app. the watch's newly added GPS radio.

Even if the software update does help, watchOS3 will also make its way to the older watch, which is dropping in price to $269. The older watch is also getting upgraded to the same dual-core processor as the $369 Series 2, which makes it a great deal for people who haven't yet taken the plunge. With so many similarities,on the Series 2, and not the original which came out last year. WatchOS 3, which has a revamped user interface and promised performance improvements.

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