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unSend, Self-Destuct or Edit any SMS text message after you sent it

Unsend It™ is an encrypted messaging app allowing users to unsend, edit & self-destruct text messages at ANY time (even after being read/opened by the recipient). This app is wonderful can cancel or edit the message even if the recipient has read.

Ever wish you could unsend a text? Whether it be a typo, autocorrect blunder, texting the wrong pic, or sending the text to the wrong person...unSend.it is the solution! 

What's really cool is that only the sender needs the app and the recipient can receive my message even if they do not have unsend.

On Mr. Robot Season2 Episode 8 djmobley use a self destruct txt message

Wickr auto-deletes the texts then factory reset his device.

With unSend you can use it on similar way.
This app is fully-loaded with additional features including customizable photo avatars, screen names that you can change on the fly (so you can control what/how your name appears to any recipient when sending a text), PIN-locking, audio messaging, screenshot detection & more!
  • unSend or Edit any SMS text messages at any time (even after being opened by the recipient)
  • Share photos and voice messages with your friends.
  • With end-to-end encryption your data is safe. Even if we wanted to we can't share it with 3rd parties.
  • Auto-unSend your messages on read, in one hour or in a day. It will be destroyed automatically.
  • detect screenshots & much more.

Above all, it has high security. I advise people to use unsend right now.
Available on iPhone : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1090666384

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