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What to expect on Apple’s September 7th event

This time around, it'll be held on September 7th and is expected to bring new versions of the iPhone and Apple Watch.

It should be an interesting launch. This is technically a generational leap for the iPhone, but it sounds like Apple has taken a different approach this year, with subtler physical changes to the phone. This'll also be the first time Apple has updated the Apple Watch, so we can’t depend on history to tell us what kind of changes to expect.

iPhone 7
It's a new iPhone with a new number. That usually comes alongside a brand-new design, but this year it seems more like Apple is going to tweak its existing formula 

A new(ish) design: Hopefully you like the iPhone 6, because the iPhone 7 is supposed to look pretty much the same.

No headphone jack: This obviously isn't a new feature. In fact, it's the very opposite of a new feature. But it's turning out to be The Big Story of the iPhone 7. Apple is expected to remove the headphone jack — a standby of consumer electronics since the invention of consumer electronics — from the next iPhone, meaning all headphones will have to be wireless or connect through the Lightning port.

Possibly new Pods: Without a headphone jack, Apple will probably want to offer another way to listen to music. Rumors have been really sketchy on this front, so take this all with a grain of salt, but they point to two possibilities: the Apple will make new EarPods that terminate in a Lightning connector instead of a headphone jack, or that Apple will make wireless earbuds, supposedly called AirPods.

Another camera: It’s not for selfies. Apple is expected to add a second camera onto the back of the iPhone, which it could use to produce higher-quality photos or offer a zoomed-in view. For example, Huawei’s P9 uses a second black-and-white camera for added sharpness and detail, while LG’s G5 uses a second camera to offer a zoomed-out perspective.

Goodbye 16GB: I don't know that there's a new feature more deserving of a "finally!" than this. Apple is finally expected to stop putting 16GB of storage in its entry-level iPhones and instead bump them up to 32GB
A clickless home button: Apple is expected to make a very subtle but very big change to the home button — it won't click in. 

A blacker black: If there's one good reason to buy the iPhone 7, it may be this. After years of dealing with whatever that "space gray" nonsense is, some vague rumors have suggested that Apple is going to make a black phone again.

Everything else: You know the drill. The new iPhones will of course be faster, with new processors, maybe more RAM, and something that gets described as "magical." The removal of the headphone jack has people suggesting that the iPhone 7 could be more water resistant, though it's not clear if the phone will actually be waterproof. The phone will probably get a little bit thinner, too.

Apple Watch
When the keynote kicks off, it'll be almost two years to the day since Apple first unveiled the Apple Watch (though it was another eight months before it hit stores). A lot has changed about the Apple Watch in the time since — all through software — and this first hardware update is likely to reflect those changes.

Square as ever: There's no sign that Apple plans to significantly change up the Apple Watch's design this year. Or even next year. That said, don't be surprised if some new band options show up.

GPS: This is probably going to be the biggest new feature on the Apple Watch. And while it may not sound like much, the addition of GPS should be a real help for runners, since it'll let the Watch track them even when they leave their phone behind. Anything that makes the Watch more independent is an important step forward.

Getting faster: Normally a speed bump wouldn't be all that exciting — pretty much without fail, every new Apple product comes with a marginally faster processor than its predecessor. But that's particularly important here, since the first-generation Watch is pretty darn slow. Apple needs to do better on speed, and the updated Watch should be a start.

Everything else: Other rumors have suggested that the next Watch will have better waterproofing, a bigger battery, a barometer, and the ability to do more things over Wi-Fi — but evidence for some of those is shakier than others. One other big question is whether the Watch will have a camera. An early report from 9to5Mac last year said Apple was heading in that direction, but that's just about the last we heard of of it. Given Apple's shift away from messaging, it wouldn't be surprising if this feature got scrapped.

There hasn't been any word about Apple planning other hardware updates for its September 7th event. But that doesn't mean for certain there won't be anything. Plenty of products are due for an update, including:
  • The MacBook Pro, which is soon expected to get a slimmer design and a touchscreen strip above the keys
  • The MacBook Air, which Bloomberg reports is being updated with USB-C
  • The iPad Pro, which was announced at this event last year
  • The iPad Air, which hasn't been updated in two years
  • The iPad mini, which was last updated after this event last year
  • The Apple TV, which had its new version announced at this event last year
But chances are most if not all of those are on hold until later, as word usually leaks out ahead of a planned unveiling. That means we could be looking at a second Apple event sometime in October or early November.

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