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WiFiSlax - Best program for WiFi

Best program for WiFi WiFiSlax -These days, it's one of the tools most frequently used to audit WiFi networks, both for the wide variety of tools included to do so as well as the numerous drivers for network cards that come installed in the distribution.   It is very easy to use the tool. It is made for into two major languages that have first in Spanish and other is English. So you can select your own language at the time of Running WiFi Slax on your PC.

Wifislax is prepared to work in a Live CD version or to be installed on a hard drive. That installation can also be done once you've initiated the Live CD version.

I recommend this for beginners who don't understand terminal update because its completely all here..

As always, it's important to keep in mind that this type of distribution should be used to improve your network security, not for any illegal actions like stealing WiFi passwords or intercepting data, which are considered to be serious crimes by the authorities.

The KDE desktop is represented by the "kde-workspace" and "plasma-desktop" packages and the Xfce desktop by the "xfdesktop" package.

The distribution's main claim to fame is the integration of various unofficial network drivers into the Linux kernel ( GPU is powerful) , thus providing out-of-the-box support for a large number of wired and wireless network cards.  

(yung linset kasali nadin dito at completo nadin upadate)

Feature of Slax Wifi full version:

1:- Used for Wifi H$cking password
2:- Used for Web H$cking
3:- It helps us to inject SQL database
4:- Fast and Mouse click to h4cking anything
5:- Hardware testing and detection
6:- very easy and too much secure for Windows

How to Use WiFi Slax
1:- Just download this version from given below method
2:- Need a USB Pin Drive that has just 2Gb space or more if yiu want + persistence

3:- Need Rufus USB Burner
4:- After Downloading of Wifislax and Rufus USB Burner Tool.
5:- Run Rufus as an Administrator and add WifiSlax.iso file then click on start
6:- After burning please restart your system and boot on USB Drive
7:- Select your Language then click on 1st option then next tap select on a 1st option and now you see a wifi Slax desktop.
8:- Now you can use it .

Making WiFi Slax with Persistence is easy just open a terminal
Changes [space] "Amount or space available for writing"
sample: Changes 1024 (equal to 1GB)

You can download ISO @  http://www.wifislax.com/

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