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Panasonic Futuristic Makeup Printer

Panasonic is channeling a wonderful Jetson's future by first using a mirror to determine your skin's flaws, then printing out foundation and concealer within minutes, that can be smoothed onto the skin. It is a prototype system so far, which they just displayed at a Japanese tech show at CEATEC.

Panasonic has discovered a profitable new business in the last few years: beauty tech products. Facial moisturizing tech, hair dryers and very relaxing eye masks that I may have tested out (multiple times) at my local Japanese tech store. This time, the tech giant pitched its latest beauty concept as an "interactive mirror."
It's not instant, and at this early stage the company says the printed patches also take roughly a day to dry and settle before they can be applied to a person's face.

Once that's happened -- the company had extra pre-printed patches aside for testing -- the makeup layer is placed on a cheekbone mask sprayed with water and gently smoothed out. The user (or their makeup artist?) then lightly presses this onto their cheek, leaving the thin layer of makeup behind. A few moments later, the water has evaporated and you're left with a kind-of temporary tattoo. 

It says it could be a makeup-applying "revolution" that scans your face, decides what needs a little cosmetic help and prints a combination pad of foundation and concealer to fix it up, with little to no makeup wasted. It sounds like a nonsensically vague future concept, but Panasonic thinks otherwise, and has the demo to prove it.

Watch A Demo :

Looks like Simpsons predicted again on their show Makeup Gun:

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