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Windows 7 Installed On Android Watch

A developer has installed a full-blown Windows 7 on his wearable. It’s good to see the world’s most popular operating system running on a tiny smartwatch, it’s painful to use. Before you can even try to get some work done on such a small screen, let me tell you that booting Windows 7 on this devices takes three hours.

It goes without saying that Windows 7 acts as a battery killer for the smartwatch and you need to keep the charger connected to it.

We salute Hacking Jules for being so patient and installing Windows 7 on a glorious 280 x 280 resolution screen.

Note that Windows 7 takes 3 hours to boot on the device.

Watch the video here:

Here’s how to install Windows 7 on your Android Wear smartwatch:

Here’s a Linux distro running on Android smartwatch:

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